01. The city is [drafting] a plan to expand the network of bike lanes in the region.
02. The government is [drafting] legislation to legally recognize homosexual marriage.
03. Many young Americans who were [drafted] for service in the Vietnam War fled to Canada.
04. My grandfather wasn't [drafted] into the U.S. Army for the war - he volunteered.
05. After I was robbed while travelling in Europe, my uncle sent me a bank [draft] that allowed me to continue my trip for another month.
06. During hot weather, bees will fan their wings at the entrance to their hive in order to produce a cool [draft].
07. The blueprints for the Eiffel Tower covered more than 14,000 square feet of [drafting] paper.
08. The first [draft] of my essay had a lot of problems, but I think my second [draft] is pretty good.
09. Close the window; the [draft] is blowing my papers around.
10. There was a cool [draft] coming in through the open window.
11. There is a growing movement to try to [draft] the popular mayor to run for governor.
12. We put some weather-stripping on the bottom of the door to stop the [draft] of cold air that was coming in.
13. The doctor made a medicinal [draft] of various herbs to help her sleep.
14. By properly insulating the windows, you can reduce [drafts] and cut down on exterior noise coming in.
15. He took a deep breath and inhaled a [draft] of fresh sea air.
16. We have [drafted] a proposal for the development of a new marketing campaign.
17. You can pay by cash, check, bank [draft] or money order.
18. There is nothing as delicious as a glass of [draft] Guinness beer.
19. We ordered a jug of [draft], and a plate full of spicy chicken wings.
20. [Drafting] requires a steady hand, and an observant eye.
21. He had his secretary [draft] a letter to the lawyer.
22. We need to put some weather-stripping at the bottom of the door to stop the [draft].
23. The room is really [drafty] and cold in winter.
24. I only had a couple of glasses of [draft], so I figured I could drive safely.
25. The [draft] from the window was quite refreshing in the hot weather.
26. Someone once joked, "[Draft] beer, not people."
27. Geoffrey Ward once suggested that journalism is merely history's first [draft].
28. H. G. Wells once stated that no passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's [draft].
29. Joan Konner once said, "This life isn't bad for a first [draft]."
30. Frank Lloyd Wright once said that an architect's most useful tools are an eraser at the [drafting] board, and a wrecking bar at the site.
31. She finished the beer in one long [draft].
32. The goalie for the junior hockey team is expected to go high in the next NHL [draft], due to his excellent performance in the World Junior Championships earlier this year.
33. In 2003, Canadian Hayley Wickenheiser became the first female hockey player to be [drafted] by a professional men's hockey team.
34. The star American quarterback has just been [drafted] by the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League.
35. In 1967, boxer Muhammad Ali was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title for refusing to cooperate with the American military [draft].
36. In 1848, over 200 women and men met in New York to [draft] a "bill of rights" outlining the social, civil, and religious rights of women.
37. The United States and its allies are [drafting] a new U.N. Security Council resolution for military action against the rebel government.
38. The [draft] agreement was signed by the leaders of both countries.
39. Now that we have more information, I think we should [redraft] our original plan.
40. The plans for the recreation complex were [redrafted] to allow for a larger outdoor play area.
41. He wrote three different [drafts] of his essay before handing it in.
42. The proposal was [redrafted] after being returned with a request for clarification on a number of issues.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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